August 25, 2006 Ben

a very rough week

A very rough week was this one… Dad ended up having a stroke about mid-way through the week and had to goto the hospital. It was horrible news due to the fact that my grandfather (on my father’s side) passed away due to a stroke. It’s just a bad word that I now never like to hear. He’s okay or at least starting to do better as the days have progressed. He has been in my prayers and the prayers of my church (thank you Dan).

I guess this was a little bittersweet, but I did receive my Mac this week (the same day that I heard about my dad) and so far I really enjoy it. I know that this will disturb many of my friends, but I don’t mind. I know a good operating system / computer when I see it. I know that both have their down sides (mac and pcs), but so far I’ve seen nothing but good and ease come from this computer. My grandmother is coming from Ohio tonight and we’re supposed to get together at my dad’s house tomorrow for maybe dinner and a chance to spend time with eachother.

Before I go, I just want to tell everyone to value the time with their relatives, friends, or parents… It takes things like this to make you realize that time is short… We won’t be here long.. Enjoy it. God Bless…

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