August 1, 2006 Ben

some like it hot…

Well that may be…. but not me!! Damn it’s been warm here recently. I get into the pool and it’s like bath water! Luckily my girlfriend will be coming over to share in that experience very soon ;)

Well good news!! In my effort to play less WoW, I have decided to pick up a couple of projects. One was getting a website design for a local non-profit company (free of course) and that’s done. The other was making a SWG server run on my linux server and that’s done! Woooo…. now what? Marathon masturbation? I can’t see how that’s productive and that is my current goal! PRODUCTIVITY!

Looks like my next goal will be doing billing for my business tomorrow and maybe cleaning up this pig pin. Good news though, looks like I’ll be going to VA beach for vacation in a month or so. Which will be nice and very relaxing :D I’m very excited about K coming to visit me, I’m sure we’ll have a fun time and lots of adventures together .. or something! I think I’m going to goto bed early tonight so that I can get up and productive with QUickbooks and my scanner. Not sure what else to work on, so if anyone has a suggestion… TELL ME!

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