August 31, 2006 Ben

this morning…

Good morning all you people whom I don’t know and maybe some that I do. I thought I would make an entry cause I was bored and I really didn’t feel like turning my PC on so I figured I’d do this with the Mac. :) YAY Macs… I really enjoy this machine sometimes.. it’s so much nicer on the eyes. This morning I will be installing a rather large server at United Way :D

Phone call……… Argh, tech support.. So early in the morning. I support Dell.. bet you didn’t know that.. :) I don’t even think Dell knows that. Oh well.. they sell their crap and I come around and make it look like it’s less than crap. Fortunately I get to install a server today. Those are usually pretty good at relieving stress. One of the funest parts of my job usually. Also I’m signing up at the Y this afternoon. I’ve decided that either I get back to the gym or I’m going to start playing WoW again. Might as well do some self improvement! Well I’m off to see the wizard.. the wonderful wizard of oz…. later!

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