September 27, 2006 Ben

my myspace theory!

okay.. here’s my two cents. Myspace is opening all this new stuff, but yet they can’t seem to deliver a good service at what they originally set out to do. (Make a people network), so now they’re opening up all this extra stuff to do what? Slow down their system even more? It also seems that it’s running off of a windows server (big mistake). Maybe if they put some time into coding something better then it wouldn’t crash all the time. Now we have all these other companies (including microsoft) imitating them. Oh well.. I say, screw it.. let myspace become a stepping stone, then we can bury it! I personally like, but that’s just me. It’s so clean.. and full of info.. and more features. Oh well.. myspace can suck it :D and usually does!

Oh well.. that’s my myspace rant…. Vacation time coming soon for Ben!! WOOO.. Check in is on October 8th and I’ll be at the beach for a week. ahhhh.. relaxing! I’m only going to do the things I want to do. I’m going to be as selfish as I can (within reason) and I’ll get to visit my LOOOOOOONG distance girlfriend :) I really need this trip.. it’ll help me a ton.. I’m starting to get upset with people quicker.

Hm…. now that I think of it.. the subject is kinda misleading.. not really a theory as it is a bitch-fest :) Oh well.. I think the people that read this (if there is any) will get over it.

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