September 13, 2006 Ben

owww.. i hurt..

Yeah… so the worst part about weight lifting after a long break from it is the soreness that goes along with it afterwards… I hurt so bad that my head started in on the fun once it realized I was in pain.

So… I tried Windows Vista public release recently and realized that I should really avoid beta testing an operating system. All the programs I usually use don’t work anymore and it makes me cry for hours and hours like a woman…. Nah.. but it was close. Vista gives me a head ache too. Just wasn’t my day for feeling good.

There really isn’t much going on recently.. It’s been very boring.. sure there’s plenty of work to be done, but man this week as just dragged on forever! Anyways.. since I’m probably the only one reading this, I’m going to wrap it up and continue my conversation with one of my friends as to the positives and negatives of being a gay man. Needless to say, the negatives are winning so far :D

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