December 11, 2006 Ben

and then there were two…

So I went back to the gym tonight after about a week and a half break (maybe more) and also started a new workout which is lower weights at higher reps. Sounded easy enough… it wasn’t! I don’t know if it was cause I didn’t go for a while or what, but it was extremely difficult and most of the things I couldn’t finish due to lack of energy. It was so great! :) I love being tired to the point of not being able to move. So on my way home I decided to stop off at KFC and ruin all the work I had done at the gym with some snackers (a buck for a sandwich??.. sweet!). I pulled up to the window after about 5 minutes of waiting for someone else. This girl looked at me and told me that it was going to be 6 minutes before the chicken was done.. So me not really having enough energy to care told her that "it’s no big deal I’ll wait" :) And so I did, but I guess my niceness confused her and she offered me a drink while I waited. "Water please" I replied after debating how wonderful it would have been to have a free pepsi :) She asked "Are you kidding?" to that I replied "No, I’ve been at the gym and I’m dyin’".. It wasn’t far from the truth. I figured hydration is the key to remaining alive :) So after about 10 minute of waiting (there was no one behind me, I’m not that much of an ass :D ) She came out with my food. I thanked her for the meal and thanked her for the water as well. So when I arrived home I proceeded to munch munch munch. I realized about half way through that she had given me an extra side of mac & cheese. Who can tell if it was by accident or if it was because I was so polite and non-abrasive about the wait, but I couldn’t help but feel very thankful for my prize.

I guess that’s what really leads me to my next topic of discussion. I really am in love with Christmas time. It’s a very cold part of the year, but the music and the attitude from most people will warm your heart enough to keep the outside weather at bay. I know that much of the shopping areas are filled with people that have been beaten and abused by the retail stores, but you just have to work past that and get to the people who are just happy to know it’s Christmas and happy that everyone else is happy too :)

Christmas is fun… yes I like it. At the same time it’s a sad point in my life and I guess will always be. I miss the Christmases when my grandfather was alive. That’s the grandfather on my dad’s side (my other grandparents are still alive and kicking thank God). I miss the old house my grandmother and grandfather lived in. It was so nice at Christmas time when we got to visit. We would almost always be guaranteed a fried ham sandwich for breakfast now or then made by my grand-daddy long legs (his nick name). He would also be known to sing a Christmas song in the way that he was best at. It would often sound like a 1940’s singer, but I was always impressed with his voice. This time of year when those songs are played on the radio it always makes me think of him and reminds me of the time we had at Christmas.

I miss you grand-dad.. There will never be anyone like you again and I look forward to the day I will see you again. I have not forgotten you and you’re always in my heart.. Especially now.

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