December 5, 2006 Ben

it’s crappy movie day!!

Well since this day was a little slow, I decided to watch as many crappy movies as I could! :) First I started with Slither…. WOW.. I dunno if this was supposed to be a horror or comedy. I think it kinda sucked at both :) Well.. after that I watched See No Evil… HOLY CRAP! A movie based around someone not raising their kid very well and that kid killing a bunch of sex-crazed teenagers? That’s a new story!.. not. I was seriously not scared or even mildly frightened at this movie. Geez.. another saw like movie. I watched My Super Ex-girlfriend after that. That was a cool movie :) It was funny and very well done.. and the best part was it had Eddie Izzard in it! :) He’s the best. I didn’t recognize him though without the dress on. Well after an actual good movie I decided to torture myself by watching Stay Alive. It’s a movie that says if they people die in a video game then they die in real life.. ohhhh scary. Well hopefully it’ll be over soon. The funniest part of this movie was when the guy called one of the other players a "noob" :D I wonder if the guys that made this movie ever heard of Brainscan, it’s basically the same concept.. Oh well.. back to my torture :)

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