February 28, 2007 Ben

*cough, cough*

Ugh… It’s like all of a sudden I woke up yesterday and my throat was treating me like I was a smoker for 15 years.  Coughing all day long.  I did goto the gym yesterday which I’m not sure if that was a good thing or not.  Anyways, I didn’t go today because I wasn’t coughing as much, but just because I was sooo freakin’ tired.  So I spent all day today watching TV and trying to recover.  I didn’t hardly sleep last night cept for a couple of brief times where my dreams woke up me.  Okay, here’s a little hint… Don’t watch Sopranos and then goto sleep.  I dreamed that I was a gangster and was trying to get away from these guys that were trying to kill me.  So I roll started this Tempo, but ya know what was really weird was all I could think of was "This is an automatic, I shouldn’t be able to do this"  But anyways, it worked and I was able to drive far enough away from the dream so that I woke up.  *cough, cough*
Yup.. strange strange day indeed.  I’m waiting for my new accountant to give me some sort of word about my tax return.  I’d like to move into my own house some time this year.  Or at least into my own apartment.  I like my little room, but it’s time I moved into something with a kitchen, I really miss it.  *cough*  Anyways…  I’ve watched the last two week’s episodes of Heroes and they were really REALLY good.  Last one even made me tear up a bit and that’s always the sign of a good television show or movie.  I hope I feel better before Friday.  Friday has become our weekly get together at Logan’s.  We get there pretty late, but we stay and have a fun time.  I think last time we had like seven people with us.  So many that we had to lose the booth and move to a table!  Wow.
Funny thing is the two new people we brought to the get together kinda like each other.  Well at least the guy likes the girl.  Seems like this is a big singles thing.  I kinda like one girl there, but I think it’d be best for everyone if we remained friends.. I’m not really ready for a relationship, I figure when I am ready then it will be unavoidable.  Right now though.. not so much.  That and it’s not like I live in a place that would even support two people.  It’s good for a single man, but that’s about it.  *cough*  Well enough ranting.. I’m praying I feel better by the end of the week.. I should.. I’m not feeling that bad now accept for the occational *cough*.  adios amigos, asta prontos.

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