February 6, 2007 Ben

you really are a hardcore useless bum…

Well not much has been going on recently.  Just the same ol’ same ol’.  I have watched a bunch of movies which I will review here very briefly for those of you who care what I think about movies :):

Severance = A+++++++++ (Awesome british flick.. watch it if you can find it)
Texas Chainsaw Mas. – the Beginning = D (I guess this movies was okay.. but it’s just another crappy attempt at horror movies these days)
Half Light = D-  (One of the most predictable thriller movies I’ve ever seen.  Demi Moore really has lost her touch
Dark Room = F (The worst attempt at a horror I’ve seen in a long time.. these guys really had no idea what a good movies consists of)

I’m watching this show on MTV called Juvies.. it’s kinda funny.  I will give props to the people that started this show… Kids should be shown what happens when they do whatever they want and don’t obey the law.  Poor kids. 

Got over having the cold last week it was aweful.. I’m still getting over it a little bit, but I’m chugging as much orange juice as my body can handle.  I think I should be okay tomorrow, then maybe I can get back to working out at the gym. I need to get back on my treadmill!   Well I’ve kinda lost my desire to employ words.  Talk at this thing later.

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