May 13, 2007 Ben

that’s just what we call pillow talk, baby…

So check it out.. I had this dream the other night that I had a kid and he was a cute little boy.  I was really impressed with him for one reason.. well maybe even a couple.  He was maybe two days old and he was already talking to me and telling me how much he dis-liked baby food.  I had to explain to him that it was good for him and then he understood.  Then the next day he started to walk.. So let me think about this…  Does this mean that I’m afraid to have a child because I think he will grow up too quickly?  Funny..  I didn’t even think I liked kids all that much.  Biggest thing is that the screaming just rips through me and goes right to my core.  I’ve heard it’s different if it’s your own kid, but check this out…. What if that’s not true!  Not like you can take the little guy back to the store :)  Oh well.. I guess I have nothing to worry about for quite a while.  I think you actually have to have a member of the opposite sex agree to be with you first!   So far that’s not happened! ;)  Oh well.. I’ve enjoyed being single for the past 6 or 7 months.  It really is fun.

On to the next subject!  I sold my Mustang!!  This is a source of happiness and sadness.  Happiness because this means I will have the money to put down on my first home.  Sadness cause it was a really good car and I enjoyed driving it.  With gas prices going up though it doesn’t make much sense to drive it.  Besides.. I have my motorcycle… That’s fun.  At least I still have one toy on wheels!  So now on to my quest of finding the right house :)  Ugh.. at least now I can make a serious offer on one that I find.  I sold my car on ebay this time around.. first time I’ve sold anything on it and it’s been good so far!  Check this out though, I had a very strange experience.  Someone from Sweden messaged me and said "Can I bid on your car?"…. Well my curiousity peeked I decided to ask him the most obvious question.  "How in the world are you going to get my car to Sweden (that and isn’t there a Mustang closer to you can the freakin’ US?)?  Anyways.. he responded, "well you’d have to drive it to baltimore down to the docks.  hehe.. well.. first reaction.  "Hmm.. you want me to meet you at the docks to get my car… I then became afraid for my life. :)  I decided that even if the guy didn’t kill me that the drive probably would.  That’s a lot of gas, and I’d have to pay someone to follow me.. YIKES.  Too much effort!  Oh well, it’s okay!  I found someone in West Virginia (one state up) that really wanted my car and won the bid.  He’s coming down tomorrow to pick it up and give me the money.  Easy come.. easy go.

Well that’s all for tonight!  Hope you enjoyed my stories :)  I will post more stupid dreams as they come to me!

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