June 7, 2007 Ben

just how old are these carrots i’m eating?!

Do carrots expire? If so I wonder what the stages of badness are.. Do they turn mushy then dry up? Do they just start going black? These are the questions I need to know the answers to! Why? Well.. because I just found a zip-lock bag of carrots in my dad’s fridge and now I’m eating all of them. People ask me how I lose weight all the time.. it’s cause when I get hungry for a snack I don’t eat a bunch of chips or chocolate… I eat…. carrots! They’re natures way of giving you a smoke. Ya know.. something that kills that little appetite you have *grin* Didn’t think I was going to go that direction, did you? Well… expect it from me in the future. Oh crap, carrots are all gone. I’m starting to go blind.. oh here comes the darkness.. Man.. I’m a good typist with no eye sight.

You might ask yourself.. Why is he at his dad’s house at 2:30 in the evening? Well.. thanks to our lovely Frigidaire washing machine that now gives an error of e10 whenever i go to use it, I have to resort to using my dad’s machine. Speaking of which it’s awfully quite I think I’ll go check on it…

Spin cycle.. yay. Well it figures once we fix something at the house, something else breaks.. Makes me scared to own anything without a warranty. Yes.. warranties.. the best thing in the world.. “It’s broke.. you fix it”. Without them we might actually have to learn how to repair our own hardware! Scary thought. Well that is how I will leave this latest rant.

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