June 2, 2007 Ben

my bed and why i love it

Ahh.. As I lay here buried in my covers I realize that I love my bed. I have my very high thread count sheet underneath me my sheet on top with a large silk blanket along with his friend, my cheap cover. The first blanket I think is silk, it’s very smooth, yet very thick. My ex girlfriend’s sister has a tour in Iraq and brought this back for me. It’s very patriotic with a large American flag and an eagle. Odd thing to find in Iraq. Who knows where it was made, there are only weird symbols on the tag where that information is usually displayed. The other cover I have here I’ve had for years. Ever since my dad split off from my mom, I think it was the blanket that was originally on his bed. Who knows how it has tagged along with me all this time.

My small basement room now has it’s own air conditioning windows unit that I recently put in and it’s flooding my room with cooling goodness. I sleep like a baby and I thank God every day for the things I have been blessed with. Right now I’m sitting dividing my attention between this blog entry and the movie on the television. I believe the title is “Ask the Dust”. It is a pretty good movie. Good acting and a very smooth story line. No real violent twists and turns in the plot department. Sometimes I do enjoy a nice slow movie, even if it is a love story.

Lastly… I have celebrated my 29th birthday this past Thursday. Not much of a big deal was made, but that’s okay because I really didn’t want one. My friend Josh bought me dinner at a nice Italian restaurant last night and enjoyed spending the time with my other friends. Josh has been one of my best friends for a couple of years now. I guess we have a lot more in common than my old friends who have married and done the settling down thing. Don’t get me wrong, I still enjoy hanging out with them, but most of them don’t have time for that sort of stuff. Even my recently “out of the closet” friend has suddenly started having a fuller schedule. Life goes on. I still have my health, my friends, and my family.. that counts for most of my life and I’m extremely content with that.

Well .. I’m on duty tomorrow morning for the church’s video team and I should get some extra rest. I like my life now.. There’s only rare occasions where I can say that, but right now seems like one of them. I do miss being with a significant other, but for now I’m happy to wait for that person to come along.. if they ever do :). Until then… time marches on and I’ll continue to celebrate birthdays until there are no more to celebrate. Hope if you’re reading this that your life is going well for you too.

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