June 25, 2007 Ben

ow my arm hurts!

Well I went to give blood at the local YMCA for their blood drive and while there I decided to donate “doubles” as they say. While I was sitting there for 30 minutes giving blood I asked how the whole process worked and she explained it to me. Therefore I’m going to explain it to you how I remember it.

Apparently they hook up a (IMHO) a large needle to your arm and drain a bunch of blood out of your system. That blood goes into this system that separates your red blood cells from the plasma (which they don’t really need all that much), then it puts the plasma back in your system. Oddly enough the plasma in your blood when it’s separated from your red blood cells looks like a bag of urine or a bag of beer. This happens twice and both times aren’t exactly great feeling.

I looked away and clenched as she inserted the needle into my left arm. She asked me if I was okay and I replied that I just don’t like needles. “Why are you giving blood then” she asks, and I reply “It’s for the greater good”. I can’t imagine that anyone that gives blood enjoys being stuck by a needle. Although I do know that there are people in this world that need my blood to survive and though I may never see their face I’d like to think that they appreciate it. Ah well.. that has pretty much been my day.

My weekend was pretty filled with moving my room mate’s mom out of his house and moving my other friend in. This will be good for when I have to move into my own house (which I should have at the end of July). I was fortunate enough to pick up my room mate’s mom’s fish tank that hadn’t been cleaned in about 4 years and had a broken pump. Oddly enough there were still fish there! In fact there were a lot of fish in there. Mostly guppies and must have been close to 20 or 30. I took them out as best as I could and then cleaned their tank, then installed a new pump and fresh water. I can see them now! They seem happy and so far haven’t lost any of them since the move. They’re some kick ass fish and the closest thing I have to a pet or life long companion *grin*. That might change sooner or later, but who knows. I’m in no rush until I get the house thing settled, then I can worry about the other important things in life.

Let’s see… I think that’s it so far. I’m sure there are other things going on in my life that are worth mentioning, but I just can’t seem to come up with them! I leave you with this picture!

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