July 9, 2007 Ben

i’m to the point where i’m just fed up with all this crap

Honestly I don’t need people blowing smoke up my ass. I know I’m not some sort of hot catch and I don’t need you fuckin’ around with me telling me I am. Screw all that. And another thing.. I really never got back into the dating scene and I’m already tired of that too. So you know what? fuck it all.. I don’t want date, you all can kiss my ass cause I’m fucking tired of it. I’m going to get my house and I’m going to live there alone or with some of my guy friends so all the drama that comes along with dating can just kiss off. All this crap can just fall in on itself. Everyone judges you on your looks anyways and there seems to be a lot more attractive people in this world than not, so it’s not like you have to settle for anyone else. Don’t want to date me? Fine.. screw off then, I give two shits.. really.

The point this entry? I’m single.. I don’t necessarily like it, but I’m quickly starting to except it as being better than dealing with all the shit of being with someone else.

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