July 19, 2007 Ben

rock the boat.. don’t rock the boat baby.

So my fight against SPAMMERS trying to add urls to my comment section seems to be going well. After blocking all sorts of weird stuff like viagra and really all URLs I think they have finally got the hint that I do not want to advertise for them… for free! It’s sad when in this world you can’t just have a simple blog on a site without advertising following you like a rejected lover who just won’t get the hint you don’t wanna do the nasty with them! I don’t know where that came from… *smile*

Good news! I think you have to have good news after that strange rant! Well let’s first start with the most recent news. Weekend before last my sister, her boyfriend and I went to King’s Dominion (local theme park, well not really local.. 3 hours away) for King’s Fest. Basically it’s a bunch of Christian bands that get together and rock out. I absolutely loved it! The energy in the crowd was awesome! So many excited people to be in one place for the same reason. Wow! We also went around and rode as many rollercoasters as humanly possible in one day. Jason and I’s two favorite words of the day were “front seat!” which we carried out on every single one. I mean.. how can you ride a roller coast and not be in the front seat? You can see so much more! I also rode a coaster that you stand up on, but totally forgot that there’s a very uncomfortable little bicycle seat you have to straddle while on it. Needless to say my ass bone hurt like crazy for days afterwards. I think yesterday was the first day I really didn’t notice the pain. Mental note.. never again! *grin* All the rest of the coasters were awesome, even though you should never ride two wooden coaster back to back.. or else you’re asking for a head ache or a bruised bladder.

Good news number two!! I am moving in my new house in about a week. Wow… moving… again. Yeah it’s as exciting as it sounds. Well.. the getting a house part is. The moving, not so much. I’m really excited though and I hope everything turns out for the best. I should have pictures to post when I’m all moved in and of course I’ll have to change the logo at the top of this website cause I’ll no longer be in this room while entering my new blogs. I think the part that excites me the most is having my own kitchen. I am a person who likes to cook and not having exclusive rights to a kitchen can be a hard thing to cope with. I wish I could say I’ll have time to myself too, but not really. I actually have two people wanting to move in with me that will shortly be coming with me after I move my stuff in. Only one will be there for any real period of time, the other guy will be moving out in December. My house isn’t really small, but it’s not 3 or 4 people big either. I can’t wait!!!!!

Other than that, life goes on.. things get interesting and I continue to try to do as much work as I can. Gonna need the money! I have a ton of stuff going on in the next couple of weeks.. so the next time I get a chance to vent will probably be from my new home and I’m sure I’ll have a ton of stuff to talk about … until then!

Flood insurance?

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