August 16, 2007 Ben

an explanation of things…

So here is an explanation of the past couple of weeks and why I haven’t been on here much.

Soooo. I decided that I should buy a house seeing as how it’s that time in my life where I should be looking at putting some roots down. Well I started the process by looking for a house and needless to say I found one about a month into the search. I got approved for a pretty good loan that I could afford and would easily be able to handle with my income. Well after waiting about a month anxiously I closed on a Monday and signed my life away. The next day (Tuesday) I start moving in to my place when I got a call from my mortgage person saying that she needed my approval to allow any company to take my loan. I didn’t really think much about it, but I did ask her if I should stop moving or if it was something I should worry about.

Well the next day I got a call from my real estate person saying that she was worried about the loan stuff and I was kinda shocked to hear later on that American Home Mortgage had went bankrupt on Tuesday and they hadn’t funded my loan before they decided to crash. Needless to say I was plenty worried by then. My mortgage person started looking for someone to fund my loan (I had no idea what that meant). I had already paid my down payment for my loan too. So a week went by and I didn’t unpack for fear of me having to leave even though everyone was saying “Nooo you’ll be fine”.

Well my mortgage person came back and told me the only loan she could find me was going to cost me more down payment money and would be twice as much monthly than my previous loan. Well I just couldn’t do that, so I told them to forget the whole thing so I packed up what little I had unpacked and moved all of it into a storage building and now am living at my dad’s house and using his computer. Bad thing is that my business stuff is all on my computer and my printer is packed up along with all the paperwork I need to run my business. I’m hoping that I can move into an apartment or duplex or even better a town home soon. I’m hoping at least by the end of the month so I can do my “end of the month” billing :).

In the end I think I’ve lost about 1,600 bucks on the whole deal.. honestly I should have just stayed where I was an I would have been able to pocket that cost. I am going to talk to a lawyer about the fees I was charged and see if I can re-coop any of the losses I have incurred.

On the plus side I did get a new phone and it has internet, so I’m not completely out of touch, and there is always my dad’s laptop which I am on now. I’m hoping this is a lesson I will never have to repeat. I know one thing.. renting may be throwing money away, but at least I can do it over time and not all at once like this horrible buying experience… I will say this: I hope I never find the American Home Mortgage person that is responsible for this crap their company put me through, cause I’ll be… hmm.. quite thorough in strangling them :)


This image describes my week perfectly.. and my opinion of American Home Mortgage.

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