April 23, 2008 Ben

a dream from the soviet union..

Just woke up from a very strange dream, but one I felt I should tell. In this dream I really had no control over it. Was more like I controlled all parts and no parts. Almost like watching a movie.

It starts off with the launching of a soviet submarine from a very poor dock. The launching is going fine (this must be one of the first submarine launches) when all of a sudden the captain orders and immediate dive. Well the sub dives very quickly, however there isn’t much ocean at the dock and it quickly Hits the bottom of the ocean floor. It also hits it with such force that it starts to bounce like a ball across the bottom of the sea. It then becomes the job of this small child to swim after the sub and recover it or any parts that may have fallen off. As this boy swims, it’s almost like I have control over him. I notice as I am swimming that there is a bunch of other submarines, ships, and ship parts scattered on the ocean floor. I guess running out of breathe isn’t a big concern here at this point. As I continue to swim I run across a very important part of the submarine (honestly it looked like a big hot water heater).

I grasp the part and swim to the surface only to realize that I have swam so far that I am in the middle of an American submarine base. They are quickly alerted to my presence and start sending officers over to rescue me. As I notice them the only thing I can think about is hiding the part and quickly removing the evidence (me). I drop the part and swim underneath another ship that it is in the dock. I push all of the air from my lungs and try to drown myself. It seems that it works, because the boy passes into an unconscious state. At this point my perspective is moved to another person in the water, I believe a small girl. The girl grabs the boy and pulls him to the surface where he starts to breathe again. She runs to fetch her father, a high ranking naval officer. Again my perspective changes to the officer.

“What’s your name?” I ask the small boy.

He responds “Jah jah” (pronounced Yah Yah).

More interaction happens, but mainly I begin to show him around the base and tell him why he should trust the Americans and what would happen if the Soviet Union would discover him. For some reason this was a funny part that I will tell you about. Here is the conversation I have with him towards the end of my dream.

“You know what the soviet union would do if they found you here, don’t you?” I said.
“Yes..” he responds.
“They would shoot you in the head before even saying Hi” I say.
“I mean.. if they’re going to shoot me, at least tell me Hello first” I joke.

And for some reason we both laugh. Well that was my little Russian tale. A strange dream indeed.. but then again I’ve been watching weird things before bed time, but nothing to do with submarines or Russian, so I have no idea where this came from. Take care guys, I’m off. Maybe I can catch some sleep before I have to get up.

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