April 7, 2008 Ben

hate those dreams that seem so real…

Last night I had one of them. I know that as I start writing this you’ll think “how could he actually think this dream was real?”, but for some reason I did. I dreamed last night that I had a time machine for some reason. It wasn’t a small thing and it wasn’t just me who had it. I think we were all working in a small lab. Our goal was to see just how far back we could travel. I decided to travel back about 7 years before my grandfather passed away. After traveling back I saw him and told him that he needs to see a doctor because he has a condition that will kill him in 7 years. Unfortunately I couldn’t remember what that condition was. I told him to see a doctor right away. I did have an idea though that if I couldn’t remember the condition then I would travel back in time and the next day would come back so I could relay the problem.

What really sucks about this dream is that I really do miss my grandfather and have never really come to grips about not having him here. Most of my dreams with him in it consist of me just talking to him or realizing that he’s not really gone. I did have a couple more dreams last night, but nothing really important or worth remembering. I guess I will wrap this up with a couple of reviews on movies I saw this weekend. These are short reviews, but hopefully will save you from the pain I went through.

The Mist – Sucked.. the ending, predictable. Dunno what Stephen King smokes these days, but I want some :) Then I wanna punch him for making this movie.

Into the Wild – WOW. Very moving film and very inspiring. It’s about a guy who goes into Alaska to escape the modernized world. Awesome movie. Worth watching twice!

Wristcutters – Great low budget film with a good story! Not really any big name actors, but it made the film even better. I would suggest this to anyone who enjoys a good love story.

Also watched a series called “Life After People”.. on discovery and it was really really really cool. Shows what will happen when people no longer inhabit this world. Well I’m off!

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