May 4, 2008 Ben

just don’t understand…

Lynchburg Police are paying tribute to a fallen comrade who died of cancer Wednesday morning. Doctors diagnosed Officer William Branham just three weeks ago. He was just 26 years old.

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I personally just don’t understand why God decides to take someone like this who has a family, great job, and from what I’ve read a good life. I mean if he really wants to take someone, I wouldn’t mind punching out early. Honestly.. I think this is a plea to God.. when you wanna take someone like him, just pop over to my door first. Let him live as long as I was going to. It’s not like I don’t know where I’m going.. I think heaven would be a lot better than this place.

Which brings me to another question… Since heaven is so great, why would he put us down here with violence, depression, hate, and general horribleness instead of just letting us be created up there? I don’t know that’s he’s doing us a favor sticking us down here. I don’t want to sound like I’m ungrateful, but I think I’d be a lot happier up there. Kinda morbid huh? Oh well.. get over it. It’s how I feel.

Before you ask.. Yes I’m fine.. just bitter and tired. And really really REALLY confused why God takes such good people, but leaves mean, horrible, awful, and yes.. bitter people down here instead. I figure leaving someone like this police officer around here would be better than rest of us. Rant over.

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