busy busy busy..

July 31, 2008
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July 31, 2008 Ben

busy busy busy..

Well with the schools getting ready to start back up (at least the two that I work for) I haven’t had much time to do anything except work then come home and sleep. That leaves little time for the simple pleasures in one’s life. Eating… sexual relations (even if it’s with one’s self)… television… Fortunately me being busy usually means job security and/or money. Money to buy cool things like what I purchased for my Macbook.

I bought a 320 gig hard drive and 2 gigabytes of memory for my Macbook. After installing it yesterday I have noticed a pretty big increase in speed. The hard drive is faster (cause it’s higher RPM) and the memory just has more room to do… memory stuff ;). I think I just finished loading up all the software I’ve wanted on my Mac, but until now haven’t had enough room to accommodate. After that came the hours of time I spent downloading updates for those programs (luckily Apple makes it super easy).

I’m sorry to say.. but I’ve pretty much given up the smoking habit. I haven’t had one in about 2 days and the only ones I had were around Troy when we were working for a local school Monday and Wednesday. And it’s very hard to sneak around a school and smoke :) Yes I can feel the difference in my life without them… I want to kill everything!!!!!!!!!! :D I figured I’ll have one tomorrow night when Sam and I hit up the local pub. It’s a very hard thing to quit smoking, but I’m trying my best to give it up at least 90%. If I can get back to just doing it every once and a while on the weekends, then I’ll be happy.

Well it’s back to work with me. Have to finish doing invoicing today, because I doubt I’ll have time to do it tomorrow :D Hope everyone has a great weekend.

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