i have returned!!

July 13, 2008
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July 13, 2008 Ben

i have returned!!

Well it was a fun couple of days! We had a blast at the concert and I took a TOOON of pictures. There were soooo many bands and sooooo many people there this year that it was just unbelievable and the spiritual energy in that place was simply amazing. After three days though of hearing very loud music it was time to call it. By the third day I was sooo burnt out we didn’t even goto the park, but instead waited for the concert to begin (actually we waited till the band was playing we wanted to see). Newsboys wrapped up the concert on the third day and they had a great energy that just spread through the crowd and woke everyone up and pulled them out of their seats.

All in all I had a great time :) I road all the rollercoasters in the park (even the new one, the Dominator). Thursday and Friday weren’t EXTREMELY busy, but it was worse than last year. We road a couple of water rides on Friday and got nice and soaked. Then enjoyed Tobymac wrap up the evening with a simply awesome concert that had me jumping up and down for an encore (which they gave of course). I do plan on going next year for sure, I think it will be a yearly ritual if I can help it. I now return to work tomorrow to answer the fifteen voice mails I accumulated over Thursday and Friday. I’m not looking forward to tomorrow, but I am looking forward to my bed tonight.

So when I got home I decided to sit down and watch a little movie. I rented the movie “The Ruins”. Wow… I will spoil this movie because I don’t think that anyone would get any enjoyment out of this flick. It’s about killer plants… yes.. you heard me. It’s about these four stupid Americans (typical) that go off the beaten path and find this old Mexican pyramid that’s covered in what looks like pot. The locals get upset once on of them touches it, so they shoot him in the head. The rest of the idiots freak out and run up to the pyramid only to get picked off by this plant that gets inside of their skin. So they cut themselves and each other up a bit trying to get it out of their skin, lots of blood, knives and about an hour later one of them escapes and gets out only to reveal at the last minute that she has the plant inside of her too. Apparently the locals didn’t want it to spread, so that’s why they shot anyone who touches it. Wow… boring and gruesome in one hit. That’s a successful movie if I’ve ever heard of it. What has happened to horror movies these days when they aren’t funny, just stupidly gross?

That being said I would like to mention a couple of movies that have actually been top notch enough to be considered horror flicks. 23.. (sort of a horror), 1408 (awesome), Event Horizon (yea old, but good). That’s about it. I did like 30 Days of Night, but it wasn’t too scary, but just an awesome vampire movie.

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