“i’ll be back..”

July 19, 2008
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July 19, 2008 Ben

“i’ll be back..”

Well as I mentioned earlier today, when I went to see the new Batman movie, there was a very sneaky trailer that I totally wasn’t expecting. A new Terminator movie!! Terminator Salvation is what they called it. Well needless to say I’ve always been a big Terminator fan. I’ve watched everything I can about it. All the movies, all the Sarah Connor Chronicles (awesome tv series). When I saw that they were doing a movie about the actual war in the future I got a little excited… in the pants. I was down right clapping (I think I was the only one). I had NO idea they were working on another movie, but now that I know I will be counting down the days. It’ll be a while before it’s release (summer of 2009), but that will be a glorious day for me and I don’t care where I have to drive, I will be watching it at the best theater around.

Bale (the new batman) will be playing the part of John Connor, which is a little weird, but I don’t really care are this point. At least it’s not Hayden Christensen, because I don’t think I could stand another movie with him in it. Jumper was okay, but I would have liked it better with another actor. Anyways, it’s set in the future with the war being unavoidable (due to Terminator 3). The preview was very brief and left me wanting more, but here is a link to it. Watch it and drool like I did. Well I’m off to call it a night and maybe get some gaming in before bed time. Hope everyone has a lovely weekend!

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