say hello to my little friend..

July 8, 2008
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July 8, 2008 Ben

say hello to my little friend..

Ah yes.. my new toy has arrived. It just showed up via UPS today (actually this morning). I eagerly unwrapped my new white friend and was happy to see that it was loaded full of software I didn’t really purchase. I decided to go ahead and format because the wireless was giving me issues. I now have a fresh copy of OS X Jaguar! It then connected to my wireless just fine and ran super fast! It even has a iSight webcam built in!! I’m so far VERY happy with it and just like all the other macs I’ve owned it runs great! I’m hoping I will be able to take it anywhere and be able to blog or just surf the web. I can even take cool pictures with it!

For all ya mac haters out there… Macs are great for what they are. Great internet machines and super multimedia editors. They don’t pick up viruses as easy and they don’t catch those pesky spyware programs that PCs seem to find. Don’t get me wrong. I still have my gaming PC and it does roxor! I’m also glad to have this cool new toy to keep me entertained when I go out of town or just bored hanging on my couch :D.

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