the return to my bed…

July 5, 2008
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July 5, 2008 Ben

the return to my bed…

Well yesterday morning Sam and jadielady decided to return to their carpetless apartment. Sam wanted to get things straightened up a bit so that he wouldn’t have to do it during the week. Hopefully they will be getting carpet sometime this week, then it will be Return of the Kitties. Since they decided to check out a bit early, I went ahead and cleaned up the house a bit. I did a bunch of laundry and started to get my place back to normal (or at least as normal as it gets for me). I put my freshly cleaned sheets on the bed and was practically drooling at the thought of my triumphant return to my o’ so comfy bed.

After doing my normal nightly rituals, I threw myself into my bed with it’s high thread count sheets and very soft pillows. I will tell you this… I’ve never slept soooo good in that bed as I did last night. When compared to the couch, the bed easily wins! :) I will tell you this.. I was sad to see Sam and Jadie go so soon, but was happy to have a good night’s sleep. If you are my friend I will usually bend over backwards to help you, even if it means a couple nights on the couch. A small price to pay for helping out two very good friends in need.

I would like to mention something that I wasn’t even aware of until looking around the net last night. Maybe because he wasn’t the biggest name in comedy, but Richard Jeni died a year ago last March. It’s sad that I hadn’t even heard about it until now and that’s only because I was looking for some of his material. This guy was especially funny to me and to hear he committed suicide really made me sad. I always loved listening to his specials and he always cracked me up. So even if it is a bit late.. RIP Richard Jeni. I was truly saddened to hear about your death, more so than George Carlin’s recent passing.

Well I hope everyone had a great 4th of July! Take care all!

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