July 16, 2008
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July 16, 2008 Ben


So I started watching a new (well new to me) shop, Weeds. I’ve started since season 1 and am midway through season 2. I’ve been doing nothing but laughing and growing attached to the characters. This is a truly awesome show!! I’ve suggested that all my friends watch it because it’s now hit one of my top 5 TV shows. I think I’d rather watch tv shows over movies these days. They seem to have so much more going for them. It has its funny parts and its dramatic parts, the mix is great! I really am addicted to this show and I will tell you one thing. There has never been a show that has made me wanna smoke up like this show has :D. It’s not a habit for me, but I could very easily make it one if I watch this show much longer. hehe. Nah.. I kid, but not really :)

Been a slow day so far though, I’ve updated my WordPress installation on here and that’s about it. I did sell my old laptop this morning and my old Mac mini on ebay this past week. I don’t need a ton of computers, just a good gaming desktop and this new kick ass macbook for all things portable. I love this mac… I really really really do.

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