a new addition to the family…

September 11, 2008
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September 11, 2008 Ben

a new addition to the family…

Today after my trip to Smith Mountain Lake and a lovely lunch by the lake. I went by my friend Elizabeth’s house and picked up some catfish lookin’ critters to add to my aquarium. I’ve mentioned my aquarium before, it’s full of fresh water community fish like guppies, zebra fish, mickey mouse fish, and my algae eater “Bob”. They’ve since then already discovered the castle and have started feeding on little bits of algae and cleaning my rocks. The rest of the family seem to be accepting them okay and haven’t picked on them too much. I got about eleven of them from Liz and that’s enough numbers so they’re not alone or picked on.

Not to back track, but I’d like to talk about my peaceful lunch. I ate at this little place called Moosies that sits right before the bridge on the lake. It has a lovely view of the lake and great cheeseburgers. No fries though.. which was odd, but they did have nachos and melted cheese. It was great! Very tasty and filling! I sat at the bar and talked with the locals, then after a nice peaceful lunch, I decided to get on the road and head back to the busy life in Lynchburg. I think it’s great to have these little breaks every now and then. I’d love to get in the car and drive out to beautiful places more often, just always seems that there isn’t enough time to sit back and smell the roses.

Hope everyone has a good weekend! I’m glad tomorrow is Friday.. I don’t have an extreme amount of work and I think that this weekend will be nice. Maybe I’ll do something unexpected.

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