September 24, 2008 Ben

abc… easy as 1-2-3

It all started out pretty innocently. Hanging out here and there and maybe getting into the random adventure of odd proportions. Maybe the occasional musical/adventure. Here recently though it’s taken a sort of turn for the … how do I put it, not really sexual, but more attraction. It started out as a nibble on the ear here and a cuddle there. Last night was the I think the strangest of all. It started out as a strange mutation where I had two penises and I couldn’t figure out which one I wanted to give more attention to. Then it mutated into a musical where I was dancing with someone to the Jackson 5 song of ABC-123. Then after the dance was over I met up with this person and she said. “Wouldn’t it have been cooler if White Zombie had been playing?”. I agreed and then we proceeded to hang out and talk about random stuff. Then she left for a while and came back with a shirt that barely covered herself. I pulled her shirt down to cover one of her exposed breasts, but that only seemed to bring her closer to me. She then started to kiss me and I asked why she would cheat on her boyfriend. She then responded that why would she sit around being arroused if all she had to do was come through a portal and be satisfied (apparently there was a portal that lead straight to my house).

It then progressed from there, but not really far because of my alarm waking me up. Kind of wondering what tonight will hold, but very odd that I’m having these dreams about a person who is just friends and only friends. She’s cool, but I don’t have the feelings for her that I have in real life. I’ve always heard that dreams are a way for the mind to run certain scenarios that it is curious about. I guess that’s all this was, still very odd and very disturbing on my part that I didn’t resist more. I wasn’t aware it was a dream at the time and it all felt very real.

The mind plays very strange tricks on you when your eyes close :)

ps. If you’re reading this and think the dream was about you, it probably wasn’t.. and if it was, that would be weird huh? Pay it no mind. I write here because I want to and it’s my personal thoughts. Don’t want to freak anyone out and honestly what happens in your dreams and what happens in real life are two total different things. Keep that in mind.

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