ahhh.. peace.

September 4, 2008
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September 4, 2008 Ben

ahhh.. peace.

Well school has started and things have slowed down a bit so I can finally catch my breath and do the things that have been piling up, but has required me to be at my puter. Got a couple people wanting me to design websites for them (for some strange reason). I guess it’s cause I’m cheap :D. I’m looking forward to the weekend though cause I get to relax and do


Ahh it’ll be so great, I can almost taste it. I’m supposed to go to a LAN party, but it seems that staying here and bumming will win over the event. Besides, I’d have to drive to Roanoke and the last thing I wanna do is drive. I dunno though, so we’ll see.

I’m mainly writing this entry because I’ve been so busy and tired that I don’t feel like writing anything when I get home. I did go to my friend’s wedding a couple weekends ago and shot the video for that. Just finished last night doing the editing and I can honestly say that I think I did a pretty kick ass job. I might post it up here once I get around to compressing it. So far it’s about a 67 gigabyte video. Jadielady was a big help at the wedding with the video and has been very honest with me about my music selection and telling me which songs totally blow and which ones are good and not always used in wedding videos. This is my second wedding video, but I think this one will kick the first one’s ass. I put a bunch of time and effort into this and when all was said and done, it’s basically a 40 minute video. Some photo slides, some footage of the vows and toasts. Then some wacky dancing that usually following the consumption of a fair amount of booze.

Well I won’t waste my time here when I can be making money editing websites! :D Hope everyone has a great Caturday and I’m looking forward to some well earned down time.

ps… Just had to add Caturday to my spell checker.. I suggest you do the same ;)

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