truth amongst the lies… part 1.

September 24, 2008
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September 24, 2008 Ben

truth amongst the lies… part 1.

So I was messing around today and figured I’d play a new game. :) I think that this game will be called what the subject says. I will list a bunch of falsehoods about me, however a certain number of those will be true. This might give you an idea of who I am or might totally confuse and/or scare you. Here goes… there will be two truths in this first part.

1. I have cheated at least once on every girlfriend that I have and I don’t feel bad about it
2. I have never thought or attempted suicide
3. I had a gay experience when I was very young
4. I have always had a sexual attraction to one of my male friends
5. I always see something bad in the person that I’m dating
6. I once hit someone with my car and didn’t stop or go back
7. I have slept with more people than I can remember
8. I often secretly cut myself to see if I can block out pain
9. None of my friends ever have me around which makes me question if they are true friends
10. I have never used drugs or had unprotected sex

Of course I’ll probably never tell you which two are true, but I think it’s a fun game to me! I guess I’ll find out if I’m a poor liar ;)

ps. I would love this game to catch on, so if you blog please start your own game.. Give me credit if you want, but I doubt I’m the first person to think of this :D

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