drum solo!

March 22, 2009
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March 22, 2009 Ben

drum solo!

ANiMAL!So last night my friend Brannon came by and we decided that while he downloaded some stuff from me that we’d play a little bit of rock band/guitar hero.  Well I figured I’d give the drums a shot since I have never been able to really pick them up.  My left always hurt from the kick pedal.  Well I realized last night that was because I was out of shape!  Since I have been going to the gym and working out on the bike, elliptical, and other leg machines; drumming has become a hell of a lot easier.  My leg hurts not at all and I have no problem doing 12-15 songs in a row.  Sure, I do sweat!  But I get really into those things!

I will say this.. I used to fuss about Troy (another friend) shaking the floor and the whole apartment when he played.  I didn’t understand how he was doing that…. Until now.   Brannon told me that I was shaking everything and I was beating the absolute dog crap outta those drums.  I just can’t help myself!  So, if you’re reading this.. Sorry Troy!!  I wish I could say that I won’t fuss anymore, but I guess I won’t.. cause I’m going to be playing them all the time too! :D

Not a lot else going on in my life.  Just waiting to get my new computer in from Apple which according to Fedex should be here Tuesday.  It will be nice to have a steady computer again and not have to rely on my media center PC, which I watch movies on and haven’t been able to since I got rid of my main one.  Was just kind of hard to swallow that much money for a computer, but I think I’ll be happy.  It’s only money!  Might be going on a date tonight.. Dunno yet, plans aren’t totally set it stone, but it’s possible.  Either way is fine…  I’m not going to get too worked up over these things anymore. Life is too short to worry about the whole ‘family’ thing.  If I marry, then fine.. if not, then also fine.  Just means I’ll have more time to spend with my friends and play games.  Being alone ain’t so bad if you have a bunch of cool toys :D.

I will wrap this up by saying I hope everyone had a nice weekend.. I know mine was fun and hopefully I’ll be playing more drums and getting better!  Until next time ladies and gents.  ANNNIIIMMMMAALL!!! ;)

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