how long does it take for your computer to be out of date?

March 4, 2009
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March 4, 2009 Ben

how long does it take for your computer to be out of date?

appleWell if you’re as lucky as I am, about a day.  I recieved my brand new Apple MacPro in the mail today and as I anxiously opened the box I noticed something on my Macbook’s new screensaver.  “Meet the fastest Mac ever” it read.  I thought to myself, there’s no way.  Sure enough I clicked on the link and Apple has released its new line of Mac Pros which are twice as fast as the old ones!

Wait a minute… old ones?  You mean the one I just received in the mail that was literally ordered no more than 5 days ago?  This can’t be!  Yup.. it is!  A new MacPro with the new chipset Intel Xeon processors which are uber fast and uber top of the line.  Also these new ones came with 4 gigabytes more memory, 300+ more hard drive gigabytage, and the new line of nVidia graphics cards for Mac.

I sighed and went on unpacking.  Slowly it started gnawing away at me.  I thought to myself that I put this on a credit card so I’m going to be paying for this computer which was old before it was unboxed.  I decided then to get on their site and maybe get some credit or a gift card for all my heart aches.  I was instead instructed to call the 800 number and maybe they can price match.  So I called not really expecting much help or sympathy.  Instead I was greeted by a very cheery girl who was just as surprised as I was that the new line came out.  She was very sympathetic and asked if I wouldn’t mind returning the computer I bought.  I explained to her that it had already been opened, but she put me on hold and talked to her manager.  She then came back and told me that it was okay.  There wouldn’t be a restocking fee and there wouldn’t be any shipping costs because they were going to pay to have it returned.

Working in computers I expect two things when I call a computer company:

  1. I will be routed to India and talk to someone named Jack who clearly isn’t a “Jack”
  2. They will apologize and tell me there’s nothing they can do

I instead received the opposite.  I was very surprised and very grateful.  She did say it would take 5 days to get my credit back, but that they I could use that money to buy a new top of the line MacPro that won’t have been replaced by the time FedEx rolls into my drive way.

So this message is to Apple… “You guys rock.. I have no regrets spending my money with you and you made this doubter into a true believer :)”.

I’m shipping my old MacPro (heh) off tomorrow and going to wait for the credit.  Until then I have enlisted the help of my shuttle media pc to be my work PC until I can greet my new MacPro with open arms.

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