it’s official

March 14, 2009
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March 14, 2009 Ben

it’s official

Ring = WatchWell just to clarrify, incase you weren’t able to read my last post without some confusion.  I am no longer getting married.  It was decided that I just wasn’t the marrying type (not by me), so here I am back at page one again.  I’m slowly getting better and getting over it.  I took the ring today and traded it in on a nice watch for myself.  No sense in keeping a watch for no reason when someone else can be enjoying it.  I have been spending time with good friends and trying to keep my mind off of my recent news though.  Sometimes I just don’t understand why things turn out the way they do.  I guess that’s not for me to understand, but instead just go with it and pray that things will work out.  Guess there’s no real reason I need to have a wife/girlfriend and have a family.  The way I’m thinking, I’m already 30 and most people are married by now.  What’s another 30 or 40 years being single?  Eh.. doesn’t really matter.

Maybe I will find someone to be with, maybe I won’t..  Anyways…  Here’s hoping things work out!

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