May 7, 2009 Ben

a break from lyrical blogs…

I’ve noticed that the past three or so of my blog entries have been lyrics so I figured I’d break up the monotiny a bit and actually make a post about me. :)  Well I’ve been working like normal.. Doing the occational podcast, which sometimes I’m really not in the mood for, but once I’m there and in the seat it gets better.  Since the whole K fiasco I have really lost my desire to do a lot of things.  Luckily I still have retained the desire to learn the piano.  Which I have been.  I bought a 61 key keyboard (that doesn’t seem like a good sentense, but fuck it, you’re here and you’re playing by my rules!).  It does take up quite a bit of room on my desk, but it plugs straight into my new mac and Garageband teaches you how to play, which I find extremely helpful.  Jadie has also been giving me tips ;)

I really need to hit up the gym again.. Honestly I’ve found myself lacking the motivation to do anything except work and play Warhammer.  I figured it will all come back to me eventually, but for now I’ll just sit here gaining weight and maybe smoking a little more than I should (which is none at all).  Usually it’s a choice.. gym or smokes.  I have to have something to relieve the stress and if I’m not doing one, then I’m doing the other.  Luckily I’m not smoking nearly as much as I used to.  Maybe a couple a day.  I’m still on the same pack that I bought on Sunday.  I guess if you’re going to do something that kills you, then it’s best to do it in moderation.  I’m trying to get back to the gym next week.. Usually if I start on a Monday, then the rest of the week follows suit.

Hmmm… what else.  Not really much… I’ve went on a few dates, not a huge deal.  They really didn’t work out and that’s okay.. Since my last disaster of a relationship didn’t go as planned I think I’ll take the time to find someone who is truely right for me and not truely right now for me.  Does that make sense?  Oh well. my rules again.  Although I will tell you this.. I have been talking to a girl and she is one of the cutest girls I’ve ever met.. Hopefully thing will go well.  If not, here I’ll be.  Play games, blogging, and working my ass off to pay the bills.  Until next time!

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