May 25, 2009
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May 25, 2009 Ben


SouthlandSo just started watching this new show Southland, which has been pretty awesome. It’s about cops on the “beat” in LA. So far it’s been super awesome. I’ve watched the six or seven episodes that have been released, now I’m hooked! If you guys like cop shows at all, I would suggest it highly! It’s not anything like The Shield or anything, these are all straight cops who are just doing their jobs.

Other than watching this show, I watched True Blood, an HBO series that’s been pretty good too.  It’s nothing ground breaking, but about vampires in the deep south.  They have all the basic same weaknesses as vampires in the movies, however they follow somewhat of a hierarchy.  Very cool though.

Well I hope everyone has a great Memorial Day.. I’m going to get back to watching movies and Tv shows today.. Been very lazy today and don’t want to break that trend. :)

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