domestic violence? yea.. homie don’t play that…

June 7, 2009
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June 7, 2009 Ben

domestic violence? yea.. homie don’t play that…

domestic-violenceSo on Friday I went over to pick up Sam and his brother Mark from their apartment complex in L’burg.  I went in, said “Hi” to jadie and we decided to continue about our bachelor party adventures.  As we were standing outside having a smoke and enjoying the nice weather, we heard somebody screaming at the top of his lungs “I’m never coming back here!!”.. Then he jumped in his car and squeeled tires.  Leaving this small family on the curb in tears with crying children.  We thought.. “ohkay, that was odd” but as we were getting ready to leave we saw the same guy come flying back around the corner, tires squealing.  The family quickly rushed in side and he came running at them, but luckily they had shut the door before he could get back in. He kept yelling (with a slight crying voice) that he “just wanted his stuff so he could leave”.  Well buddy.. should have thought about that before being a big douchebag for the whole neighborhood to see.

Well he started banging on the door and at this point I had enough of this little bastard with his total lack of shame or need to keep his private matters PRIVATE.  So I jumped on the phone with the 9-1-1 service and told them there was a domestic situation going on and described the details that I had seen.  The operator asked me to stay there until the officers arrived and I agreed.   She thanked me for reporting the incident and said they should be there soon.  Well.. she was right.  Less than 2 minutes, two LDP cars rolled up.  I quickly flagged them down and both Mark and I pointed out which apartment the family fled into and described the car the ‘asshole’ was driving.  We also told them what he looked like and the events that has previously taken place.  They quickly rolled to her place and started talking to her.  We decided not to let it be too obvious that we reported them due to the fact that Sam and Jadie have to live there and I didn’t want to cause any drama for them.  We jumped in the car and as we rounded the curb saw the person’s car sitting in a parking space far away from the apartment, but the car was empty.  It was most likely he hopped out to try and get into the place via the rear entrance.  We told the police officer about the car being right there and he responded by telling us he has put a camera on it so he’ll know if he comes out.  As we were leaving the complex, another cop car arrived too.  They don’t take domestics lightly around here and they shouldn’t.

After our night of drinking (well, their drinking.. I was DD.. yay) we came back and saw dude’s car still sitting there.. so either A.  No charges were presses and they let him back in or B.  Dude was hauled away in handcuffs (I’m hoping for B).  I personally do not like making asses of themselves and acting like little babies.. Especially in front to children.  They don’t need to see that.  Control yourself!!  Did I enjoy calling the law on that guy? Yes.. yes I did!  Domestic violence is one of the worst things because everyone involved is emotional and prone to rash decisions.  I may have gotten teased about it later on in the evening, but ya never know.. I might have saved the lives of that family.  There’s no telling what he might have done.  At the very least I hope that guy learned to control himself a bit when it comes to his personal relationships.

The rest of the night was pretty uneventful. I watched a bunch of people drink way more than they should have.. but it’s sometimes fun babysitting drunks.  I guess a lot more fun if you’re one of them, but I didn’t really have a desire to drink and I knew Sam would need a safe ride home.  Well I think I’m going to get dressed, grab some breakfast, and head out to the lake for some swimming and maybe some jet-skis!

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