return of the weird dreams…

June 5, 2009
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June 5, 2009 Ben

return of the weird dreams…


Just when you thought it was safe to read my blog again. Here’s a weird dream I had last night.  Very detailed keep in mind, probably not as detailed as I’ll make this blog entry though.

It starts out in downtown Lynchburg.   I am running around doing grocery shopping or something business related in my car.  When I see a bunch of screaming people heading my way as if being chased by some horrible thing.  I took one of the people aside and asked them what was going on and they described that there was no more food left in the world and that people were freaking out and eating each other.  Now being a dream I believed it, though it does seem like a silly idea now.  I got in my car and decided to go down Main Street.  As I drove I saw almost zombie like people scratching and clawing at the doors and windows trying to get in.  They were all yelling that they were hungry and for some reason just to torment them I yell that I had a ton of food inside my car.  I then gunned the engine and drove around or through anyone in my way. As I was going through this I saw people eating other people, alive or dead.

After getting to the outskirts of downtown Lynchburg (which didn’t take long) I met up with a couple of people that were training in a military fashion to go through and kill anyone that had turned into these flesh eating monsters.  From then the dream turned into almost a first person shooter for me.  I had a HUD (Heads Up Display) so I could tell where I was shooting at.  We proceeded to go through building-by-building wiping out these creatures, which had now mutated, some into large monster zombies.  Meanwhile the government was all but falling apart and other militia groups from the north were trying to take the presidential throne.  My group decided to split up and some would go to the White House to defend the presidency.  While there we found many people trying to attack the presidential throne (yes, an actual throne) and I defended it as a true militiaman.  I executed anyone that came close to the throne.  One person actually managed to sit in it for one second before I pulled them to the ground and shot them in the head.  Oddly enough I told him that I was sorry and he told me he understood right before I pulled the trigger.

Since the president was now where to be found.  I went on television and said that I claimed the presidency only until the true president could be located and power could be transferred.  By this time many of the zombie flesh eaters had been wiped out.  There were a couple of straggling northern militiamen that weren’t happy that we had ceased power when they wanted it for themselves.  After some clean up I stood down as president and we assigned that duty to our squad leader.  He was a good person and a great leader, which we thought would be able to get our country back on its feed again.  While walking around the rubble of the broken city we came across a northern militiaman that was talking a bunch of trash about the president.  As I confronted him he turned around to reveal that he had been altered so that his body and reflexes had been enhanced by machinery.  He did have a pick axe in one had so I was a bit nervous seeing as how I didn’t have my machine gun with me.  After saying a couple of more negative things he quickly swung his axe towards the president.  I dove and put him on the ground, but when I looked at the pickaxe the northerner was carrying I saw that most of it had been broken off.  I turned to the president where the pickaxe had be drove into the left of his head right near into the shoulder.

I jumped up and quickly helped him lay down as he was losing a lot of blood.  I heard him gasping for breath and coughing up blood.  When he was fully on the ground I removed the pickaxe head from his body because I didn’t want all the citizens to see him like this.  He died shortly after and I sobbed, as everything seemed to fade to black.  As it returned from the transition, I was still knelt down in that same place and crying.  I decided to visit the city as everything had been rebuilt and was more technologically advanced than I had ever seen.  I went to the prison where the northerner was staying and told the warden that I wanted the bastard that killed the president put in an isolation room that only I had access to.  He tried to explain that it was against policy and I returned with everyone in this city owes me for freeing the city of the zombies and northerners.  He then nodded and I left to talk to my friends in office.  I spoke with one gentleman who was my friend and told me that in the next day he was going to offer 4 million dollars to have the prisoner killed.  I then told him what I was planning, but also explained to him that I felt if I committed this act of murder that the last of my humanity would be lost and there would be no other option then to throw myself from the tallest building I could find.

He wasn’t much help in this area so I went to visit my other friend, she was the receptionist and she explained that I blamed myself for his death and that killing him would prove nothing.

I then woke up. But I remember being in a state of confusion as because I never did make the decision to kill him or let him live out his ears in prison.  I will say it’s been a long time since I had a dream this vivid.  Well I hope you all have a wonderful weekend :)

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