June 26, 2009 Ben

some do’s and don’ts for girls (from the mind of a guy)

This is a small list of thing I’ve noticed many girls do around guys, but shouldn’t.  I will explain each thing and what a guy thinks of that.  If you stick with this list, the chances of you finding that right guy should be a little easier.

1. Make him wait for the sex (I’ve listed this first because I think it’s one of the most important)
Why?  He will respect you.  Anyone who is out for sex on the first or second date is most likely all that he’s after.  If you make him wait, he will respect you and the chances of you finding a guy that’s not just in it for the booty will increase.  Also if you might make the guy wonder how many other guys have been able to so easily get you into the sack.
How long though?  Well that’s personally up to you.  Some people wait till marriage and I think that’s great, but it almost seems impractical in this day and age.  With the media shoving it down our throats all the time, it’s hard to avoid it.  I personally think you should at least wait till the 4th or 5th date at least.  A couple of months isn’t bad either.
He’s pressuring me.. what should I do?   Get out of there!!  That usually means that he’ll get what he wants and never call you again.  There are plenty of fish in the sea and if you’re not just looking for a booty call, then keep looking.

2. Everybody farts? (Yes, but please in moderation)
Explanation..  The first time you may do it, it might seem cute.  Please don’t think that this is an excuse to repeatedly do it.  If you’re a belching and farting girl it will make the guy think that you are behaving like another guy.. and no guy wants to date another guy when he’s with his date  (unless he’s gay obviously).
Long term dating exception.. Eventually you may become comfortable with eachother and it doesn’t bother you two that you rip on around one another.  Do yourself a favor though.. Don’t get carried away.  See the reasons above.  If you have really pungent gas, please keep the air freshener ready.  I have never heard that any guy likes to me driving out of the house by his girl’s ass gasses.

3.  Talking too much? (This is different with each guy)
All guys are taught to listen to the girl on the first date.. that’s a given.  What I have noticed though is that if you’re going a mile a minute and really aren’t saying anything then it’s going to make it difficult for us to respect your intellect.  Rambling on about nothing at all won’t make a guy appreciate you any more.  In fact it may lead to him staring at your chest more instead of paying attention to what’s coming out of your mouth.

4. Awkward silences at dinner (Not always a bad thing)
You know there will be a time during your first or second date when there is not much to talk about.. Maybe you’re both eating.  Well both parties should enjoy this time to eat their food.  Talking and eating isn’t attractive for anyone.  Besides.. You can talk after the meal.  There’s no need to choke yourself on the entree while trying to discuss your favorite sports team.

5. Don’t ask THE question (How many girls/guy have you been with?)
At no time ever in your relationship should either of you ask this question.  It doesn’t help anything.. One party will feel underexperienced and the other will feel like a slut.  I guess this is a bonus for saving yourself for marriage.  Never will that question be a problem. Unfortunately for the rest of us it’s best never to ask this question.  If you do, prepare for it to be turned around on you and you will have to answer the same question.

6.  This is a personal request. Don’t push the first kiss (If the guy isn’t ready to kiss you on the first date, is that a bad thing)
This is such a weird rule.. You’re both very nervous and a good kiss won’t be accomplished because of how nervous you two will probably be.  Hand holding is a great way to find out if the other person is interested in you.  If the guy will hold your hand and isn’t embarrassed to be seen in public with you, then it’s a good thing.  The kiss will come naturally when it’s supposd to.

I will add more later to this list, but for now I’m tired :)  Enjoy!!  Keep in mind these are only my opinions.. You’re experiences  may differ.

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