to smoke or not to smoke..

November 30, 2009
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November 30, 2009 Ben

to smoke or not to smoke..

1137427_f248So I just recently (once again) decided that my body wasn’t very happy with me smoking.  I guess the constant waking up with mucus  and also realizing that I’m becoming severely out of shape and without the ability to breathe, then I won’t be able to exercise :).  I know I probably quit every other month and it never lasts for more than a day, but I think this time it might be different.  I can’t say for sure and there’s even half of me that says .. “Why quit?  Do you really want to live forever?” and another part says “Wouldn’t you look cool all beefed up and muscular”.  I guess I’ll start hitting up the gym once I’m done being without smoke for a week.  This has been my second day so far.  I haven’t used a patch, but just green tea and keeping my mind occupied.

We’ll see what happens… Hope it goes well, but if not.. It’s not a big deal.

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