December 29, 2009
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December 29, 2009 Ben


I’m not sure if you’re anything like me, but usually my personal life and my business (or work) life rarely meet each other.  I’ve found that the person that you are when you’re working and the person you are when you’re off are usually two different people.  You tend to be nicer while at work… More forgiving of little things.   You hide your anger and frustration away from your co-workers or boss.  Well at least I do.  Even own my own business, the person that my clients see is rarely anything like the person I am when I’m off enjoying a drink or hanging out with my friends.

I suppose that leads me to my problem.  I have a lot of friends on facebook that are my real life friends.  We tend to joke around, make rude or offensive comments to each other all in the name of fun.  Then along come my clients to add themselves to my friends list.  I then am faced with a problem!  You can’t exactly deny their request, but once you accept it you pretty much have to become that person at work.  Even on a service that allows you to post funny things on your friends walls and they post back.  My business life and my personal life tend to start to co-mingle.  I have to censor what my friends post on my wall which always makes me feel like an ‘ass’.  I can’t exactly post my true feelings about my day.. for instance if I dealt with a particularly stupid customer that I felt like venting about.  So what does that leave us?  Blogs, I suppose.  Then there’s the question.. “Are my clients reading my blog?”.  Since there’s hardly any way of knowing that people tend to shy away from having a blog or at least a blog where they can post whatever they want.

I like having this site.  I don’t advertise it, but then people always come.  My friends may know about this and most times I don’t mind them knowing what I think or what’s bothering me.  Yes, there are some times where I post things that are private since I know it might scare someone or cause them to freak out and start worrying about me.  Where else am I suppose to talk about them?  Isn’t that what blogging is for?  To vent out your frustrations to complete strangers?  That’s what I use mine for at least.  It’s a way of therapy for me and maybe some entertainment for the few readers I actually have.  I guess this all leads me to my main question..

Should people have two facebooks?  One for your friends.. one for your business life or for potential employers to find you.  I guess for now I’ll leave my facebook profile the way it is.  I wouldn’t mind a site though that separates your friends from your clients or maybe an option on facebook that would do that.  That’d be even nicer.

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