happy new year.

January 1, 2010
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January 1, 2010 Ben

happy new year.

Happy new years everyone.. now.. I’ve said it.. we can move on.  I can honestly say that when 2010 clicked over, people were partying, watching the ball drop, drinking lot of alcohol, and probably kissing their girlfriends/boyfriends.  Me?  Oh well I was in Onyxia’s Lair getting ass banged by her and her little minions.  I think we were the first one to wipe in 2010 on WoW.  Sure, I was invited to a couple of parties for new years, but honestly there’s one thing that truly bums me out and that’s hanging out with my friends and seeing them kiss their girlfriends or whatever at midnight.  Nothing says “you’re single and there’s nothing you can do about it” like watching them smooch each other.  I’m happy you’ve found someone and are happy, but would you please have some consideration for someone who hasn’t been so lucky?  I’m not one that minds PDA, but please not right in front of me.  I don’t care to see it.

Anyways.. that’s my rant.  I enjoyed spending new years in front of my computer with a couple of random people.  I can deal with being single, just have to avoid these times of the year when being this way isn’t really a good thing.  That being said I didn’t make any resolutions… I didn’t decide to stop doing my bad habits, make more money, or even try to find true love.  I will continue to do as I always have.. Live my life, bitch about the couple of things I can’t change about it, and have the occasional smoke.

One final note… I realize that a couple of my friends might read the first paragraph and think that it sounds weird or hostile towards them.  It’s not meant to be… it’s just very difficult to say “could you please stop doing that, it’s making me depressed” without coming off like a douche.  Anyways.. enjoy your 2010.  I’ll be where I always am and most likely always will be.  In front of the computer.. fighting some imaginary monsters.  Adios.

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