..we’d like the no kids section please.

January 25, 2010
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January 25, 2010 Ben

..we’d like the no kids section please.

So recently Virginia passed a law that outlaws smoking in restaurants (I guess drinking alcohol is next).  I really didn’t have a huge problem with this until I realized what that meant for my peaceful dinner out.  No longer can I request the ‘smoking section’ knowing full well that it means I won’t have to deal with screaming babies.  Now these mothers and fathers who insist on bringing their screaming brat out to eat with them so everyone can share in the horror that is their life can sit in the smoking area, bars, or excluded parts of the restaurant that was once reserved for adults who wished to be with other adults.  I know I’m not the only one who thought this way.  Even when I didn’t smoke, I still enjoyed sitting here because I knew the chances of a kid being there were slim.  Though it did happen occasionally but those parents usually got the stink eye from people until they left or were kicked in the head and dragged outside.

What inspired this rant?  Well I decided today that I would frequent West Side Deli.  It’s a nice place that had a lovely back area for smoking customers.  I moved back there after some yuppies started invading my private space.  I thought this is a nice area where I can enjoy my meal in private.  No more than 5 minutes after I moved back there, some lady and her mother brought their little bastard child back into my area.   I usually don’t have a problem with kids, as long as they’re not screaming their damn head off.  Which of course is what this little crap factory started doing.  Mom’s solution you ask?  Breast feeding!!  Yes.. exactly what I wanted to see on my lunch break.  Some chick whipping out her tit for the little suckler.  Well.. I wouldn’t mind seeing it and maybe if I stared they would have moved :).  Instead however I got to hear the little sucking noises the kid was making.  Honestly lady, do that crap in your car away from public eyes.

That’s my rant for today.. I know it’s an old story if you know me, but still sometimes a goody.  I would inspire you new parents to have some common courtesy and get take out.  Or at least keep your breast feeding and crying baby at home.  There’s no reason for you to ruin mine or everyone else’s good time by letting us listen to your screaming brat.

Hope you like my picture I attached to this blog :D

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