February 14, 2010 Ben

happy <3 day..

I’ve been single before on V-day.. this year isn’t much different and it’s cool.  I am going to live this day just like everyone else.. Going to heat me up some soup and bread.  Have a smoke or two and do my invoicing for last month.  I have putting it off and need to get it done.  That’s the only way I make money :).  Going to start my soup now…

Ahh Cream of Broccoli.. for some reason this soup has probably the worst smell, but the taste is extremely nommy.  I even picked up some spreadable butter for my two slices of bread with my soup.  I think that even adds to the meal.  I’ve been trying to eat a little healthier these days and I think it’s paying off.  I feel like I’ve been losing a bit of weight. Probably not as much as if I would go to the gym along with this better eating plan.  Well I’m going to waiting for my food to finish cook and start my day.  Hopefully I’ll be able to get some WoW in before the end of the day.

One piece of good news.. Looks like snow is out of the forecast for tomorrow :)

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