February 13, 2010 Ben

so cold..

It’s been a bitter cold winter this season.  Seems every time I get out of bed I want to jump right back in.  I try to keep the heater around 65 or so because of the crazy electric bill I’ve become shockingly used to.  Even grew a beard to keep my face warm..  Not sure if it looks better on me or not.  I know people who like beards and people who don’t.  I guess I’ll have to just go with whatever I like.  I have been playing a lot of computer games, wrapped in my robe.. sometimes wearing gloves, but always wearing my little monster slippers to keep my feet warm.  Seems the place I rent has very cold floors, but I guess that’s the down side to hardwood floors and a poorly insulated crawl space.  I can’t complain too much because the rent is cheap and it gives me a roof over my head.

One thing that always sucks about being single during the cold weather is how chilly my bed is once I get into it.  Doesn’t take long to warm up but there’s always that initial cold shock.  I doubt all the snow we’ve got helps much.  We’ve gotten inch after inch in the past week and I’ve had enough of it.  So much snow makes it really hard to get in and out of my drive way.  I will be extremely happy when spring comes, followed by some very nice summer weather when I can get to the lake and swim in the nice warm water.  Guess I’ll just try to survive this cold winter until then.  Hope everyone else is doing the same.

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