March 25, 2010 Ben

new technology! smellable websites!!

Just imagine.. soon we will have the technology to smell all the sites we want.  Every time you go to your favorite flower site you will be able to smell the flowers beautiful scent!  Your cooking sites will come to life!  Imagine being able to smell those nommy nommy Thanksgiving dinner recipes.  There’s no way this could be misused….. unless.

Just thinking if something like this came out.  I think porn sites would take a total different turn.  I know this would probably mostly affect guys, but I can see it being the down turn of all things sexual.  Just think about being able to smell the ‘sex in the air’.  Ewwwww.  Just a random thought I had this morning when I could swear that I almost smelled a site.

Been having weird dreams lately.. Mostly about one of my ex’s wanting me to take her back and me flat out refusing.  Felt kind of nice, but in the end doesn’t really matter.  Mostly been having dreams that I’m dating a nice girl again.  It’s funny but in my dreams I have more luck with women than in real life XD.  At least I’m not having smoking dreams.. I guess my brain thinks about that enough during the day.  I think it’s like week number 4 or so without even one smoke.  I doubt it’ll last, but I’ve been going to the gym and trying to fight the urges.  At least my body can breathe some nice healthy air for a bit before I eventually return to the puff puff pass. :)

Well this was a scatter brained blog entry, but that’s what I need some times.. besides, who’s reading this thing?!  Stalkers!!! :D

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