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December 6, 2010
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December 6, 2010 Ben

just another post..

Not too much has happened since my last rant.. Still living and still working.  I had made a bunch of progress on my boat.. I will say that.  There it is by the way!  I sanded the hull of the boat, twice actually and we primed it with two coats.  Now we have to get the tires back on the trailer and find a garage to put it in that has some nice warm heat so we can put the coat of paint on.  I’ll be going with all white (the proper color of a sail boat in my opinion).

We have started working on the inside, gutting the wiring to redo the lights and the carpeting inside.  We’ll also be refurnishing the padded seats and the bed in the front.

It’s kind of on a holding pattern until next weekend (if weather permits).  We’ve been getting some really cold weather and on top of that a little bit of snow!

On the other side of my life… I sold my aquarium today and rearranged my living room.  Which is nice because my couch is now facing the TV so if by some odd twist of fate I have company over, they can sit and see the TV too.  One of my friends is coming down this week to take Vinny to his new home in Philly.  I know that since I’ve been spending so much time away that he really needs an owner that will take care of him and love him like I don’t seem to have the time to do.  I wonder if this is a subconscious way to remove myself from the world a little bit.  Either way it’s a change that I think needs to happen.

I’m looking into buying a camper so that I can spend long weekends at the lake and actually be able to sleep.. Kevin’s couch is nice and all, but I really can’t sleep very well on a couch that doesn’t fold out into some sort of a bed.  I’m still on the look out, but I haven’t found THE ONE yet, but I think it’s coming soon.

Not really much else going on.. I’m just watching a lot of movies to kill the time.  Don’t have a ton of work on my plate right now, but hopefully that will change once one of my customers moves to a new building.  I will say a funny thing.. One of my vendors from CDW called me yesterday and told me that his friend is looking to start a business and was wondering what I went through when I start my own business.  Maybe one day I’ll write about that in a blog entry. Might make an interesting read for someone starting a business.  An amateur’s point of view sort of thing.  Hope to write more soon. I forgot how much I enjoy writing.. it’s good therapy.

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