oh the drama.. continued.

December 26, 2010
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December 26, 2010 Ben

oh the drama.. continued.

A while back I decided to comment on the bros before hoes thing and I’d like to continue that… Looks like I may have been mistaken to my attempts to help a wounded person who I hardly knew anything about.  Here’s where I made my first mistake..

I thought I could help this person through this ordeal and they would come out the other end a better person for it… WRONG.  It turns out that people will most of the time do just fine on their own and most likely return to their abuser or whoever hurt them in the end whether you help them or not.  Lesson learned.

Second mistake was getting involved in the first place.  Here’s what you do if you’re friends with both a girl and guy who are dating each other and things go bad.  You can do a couple of things.

  1. Try to remain friends with both of them – result – both of them will be angry at you for associating with the other person
  2. Pick a side – result – you will lose more than you gain in this usual scenario.  You will lose other friends who side with the other person.  Also there’s a good chance (like I experienced) that those two people will work things out and what you’re left with in the end is people hating you for your choice and worse off than when you started
  3. This option is probably the best… Ignore the whole situation and don’t get involved with either of them.  At least that way you’ve only lost the two people and not the ones surrounding them that get pissed off at you in option 2.  At least I figure that’s what would happen.
  4. Hide under a rock – result – they can’t find you.

No matter what choice you go with it sucks.  Probably the best option is to never get into that situation.  Only become friends with one of them and keep the other at a far distance.. at least until they get married.  Domestic situations suck from all angles especially when they go bad.  Your friends will always want to introduce you to their significant other, but if you know what’s best for you, just politely refuse or even explain why you don’t want to get involved.  People are nothing but drama filled bubbles that are waiting to pop and explode all their nasty gasses all over you.  Also.. and probably the best advice I can give you guys and gals out there who have their friends constantly coming to them for advice.  Go with whatever they want to do… agree with them, because no matter what they’re going to do it anyways.. they’re only looking for confirmation.

That statement is true no matter what the situation.  Welp, this is one former nice guy, signing off for the night.

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