personal theory on time travel..

December 16, 2010
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December 16, 2010 Ben

personal theory on time travel..

So woke up to a morning full of the white stuff all over the yard and the roads… After watching The Monster Squad, I decided to revisit an old favorite of mine; The Time Machine.  Yes, I did watch the remake and not the original Time Machine (sorry I’m limited to what I have currently).  I started thinking about his problem with him not being able to save the one that he loves no matter what he tried.  This makes sense in a way because if he was able to change it, it would mean he would not have a reason to build the time machine.  Which also made me think… If anyone was able to build a time machine it would have to be for a reason that didn’t involve themselves.  This would include any companies as well.  If an organization developed a time machine so that they could invest money in the past or improve business for themselves, then it would cancel out the reason for them to build the machine in the future.  So basically my theory would be this.. if you ever invented a time machine it would have to be for the purpose to improve other people’s lives and not your own.  You could do nothing to affect your own life or you would most likely remove the reason for the time machine in the future.

There is a bunch of very interesting things on this Wiki page that I think I’m going to read about.  I would also love to see if there’s many books about the subject.

Well I’ll wrap this up as I’m a bit distracted.. I started watching the movie Eat, Pray, Love about 2 hours ago and it’s still going.  I will say though, that this movie has been a very awesome story and I find myself unable to pay attention to much else while it’s on :)

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