some holiday cheer..

December 14, 2010
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December 14, 2010 Ben

some holiday cheer..

With each passing year brings that special time of the holiday for people to cuddle in the arms of their loved ones and wish a Merry Christmas or happy holiday to each other.  Kiss each other went the ball drops on New Years and be thankful for the time they had with each other.  Maybe watch their children unwrap those presents and see the light in their eyes as they realize you got them exactly what they wanted.  Tell them about Santa and how he thought that they were nice kids this year and thought they deserved that new iPod or laptop.

At least that’s the story for a lot of people.. I guess those people are lucky, but for the rest of us the holiday season is another way for commercials and television movies to let us know how miserable we are that we don’t have that special someone in our lives that ‘complete us’.  I suppose this may be a cynical way of looking at things, but fortunately for me I’m grouped in with these people.  I can’t really tell you that I am not totally affected by this time of the year and the loneliness it brings, but I can say that missing people that I’ve lost in this world does affect me.

I am happy for the people I still have in my life and to be honest I think God has blessed me with their continued presence in my life.  I know many people who have lost most if not all of their family and spend the holidays in complete solitude.  All I can say is that the fact that they can do that is beyond me.  I doubt I would be here if I were in their shoes.  I would have taken my life a long time ago…  Fortunately.. I do have those people in my life and while I have lost some.. I have not lost most.  I am thankful for those people and love them with all my heart.  Even though I may not have someone to cuddle up with or someone to kiss on new years, I do have friends and I do have family.  Sometimes if that’s all that you are given in this world, you learn to cope.  And so cope I shall.

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