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December 26, 2010
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December 26, 2010 Ben

vroom vroom..

Welp, Merry Christmas movie house!! It was a very nommy Christmas at mom’s house this afternoon. We had more food than people but that always equals left overs for me and I’m never one to argue about that. When you’re a single guy, left overs are the gift that keeps on giving! It’s food that requires just a little bit of heating and after that it’s home cookin’ all over again. I’m not saying that I’m not a good cook, but I tell you it’s very hard to motivate myself to make a big dinner if no one else is partaking with me. Anyways, back to Christmas dinner at mum’s house! We had the usual and my favorite, deviled eggs, mac and cheese and ham biscuits (with a little bit of improvising). It started lightly flurrying when I left for mum’s, which is about an hour away at normal highway speeds.

After a lovely dinner, exchanging of gifts and hanging with the family we decided it was time to hit the road since the snow hadn’t let up and started to look like it was getting some depth to it. Once on the road I quickly realized that I might have left a bit too late. The snow has covered the road pretty well and me in my little Aveo four door doesn’t like the snow too much. It’s not that it does bad. I just don’t like driving in it! (grin) I dropped my sister and nephew off at their house then started the trek back to my house. Well what was once about an hour drive turned into about 2 hours of fear and panic while straining to see the road. In some parts the road was only visible by the other tires tracks made by the cars in front of me. I ended up cruising along at a fast paced 25 miles an hour. I know I probably pissed off the SUVs and trucks that flew around me, but if they want to be reckless with their lives, they can go right ahead. I was in no hurry to get into an accident and I knew that if I just took my time that I would eventually get there safe and sound, God willing.

Welp that was a couple of hours ago and I safely made it home, played some Fallout New Vegas and am now snuggled up in my bed with so many covered piled on top of me, I can’t move. I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas and a safe journey home.

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