fairwell my mac pro.. hello pc

January 16, 2011
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January 16, 2011 Ben

fairwell my mac pro.. hello pc

I would have loved to stay with my Mac, but I think it’s time I switched back.  I know Windows sucks and M$ probably always will, but the down side to running a Mac is the assumption that Apple makes that you make a ton of money and am able to throw it all into your computer.  While I may make decent money I don’t like looking at the new video card upgrade for my mac and seeing a 499 dollar price tag along with it.  I originally bought my mac pro under the assumption I would be doing a lot of video editing.  Unfortunately that didn’t happen and I found myself with a very expensive computer and only using a fraction of its potential.   So a little while back I decided it would be best if I let someone else put it to better use, so I listed it on the ever so scam happy craigslist.

After some time and fake responses, I found someone in a city about 2 or 3 hours away from me who was interested and this past weekend he came to exchange my computer for some green paper.  I have pretty much already spent that money and bought all the parts for my new gaming rig (which is pretty much what I’ve been doing with my Mac).  I do know that Windows has always been better for gaming, so I figured I’d go back to what I know.  I invested quite a bit of the green stuff into getting a machine that I think will serve me well.  I can honestly say that I’m quite excited about getting the parts in and building me another computer.  I think that’s the most fun thing about knowing about computers is piecing one together and building something from the ground up. Everything should arrive by the end of the week and I already have received tracking numbers from Newegg on all my parts.  The farthest away is my power supply coming from California.

I do miss my mac.. and probably always will. Who knows? Maybe one day I’ll just get me a mac mini so at least I can say I own one, even if it isn’t the powerful beast of a machine that my mac pro was.  Currently though I’m using a Dell that’s on loan from a client running Ubuntu 10, which I can say that i’m growing to like.  Now if only they made Quickbooks, I could justify using it.. however I’d probably still find myself booting to Windows to play my favorite games.  I suppose I’m doomed to be a Windows user till the end of my days.  Maybe I’ll take some pictures of my future PC before I end up throwing them together and making my new rig.  Hope everyone else is having a good weekend or at least enjoying whats left of it.  Next week should be interesting.. Nothing really on the horizon yet, but that’s usually how it starts. Calm seas followed by rough weather.  I can’t complain though.. it affords me the ability to buy these toys.

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